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Exciting News from Elcometer!
Elcometer will soon be launching a proprietary inspection tool called the Elcometer Index Value. This tool is designed to allow appraisers, buyers, finance companies and banks to easily calculate the diminished value of a vehicle due to previous paint work.

Check out the entire article featured on by clicking the link below!

New Index to Gauge Value Dent from Paint & Body Work

Why features the industry’s best high end and budget paint meters.

Our paint meters are specifically designed for used car enthusiasts, used car dealers, body shops and car auction participants.

Choose between Ferrous only (steel) and Ferrous/Non Ferrous (steel and aluminum) paint meters measuring in both mils and microns (µm) with scales ranging from 0 – 40 mils and 0 – 1000 µm.

Rest assured that paint meters purchased on are backed by warranties and more impressively our on-site ISO 9001:2008 certified repair and calibration facility.

Using a paint meter from will take the guess work out of finding a great deal on a used car and will allow you to make your next used car purchase with confidence!
Elcometer 311 Video 1
Video Title - Elcometer-Paint meter
This is an example of Elcometer's paint meter (Elcometer 311) in use at a car auction. The paint meter will detect paintwork on automotive finishes enabling potential buyers the ability to determine whether or not bodywork has been done on cars.
Elcometer 311 Video 2
Video Title - paint tester, paint thickness gauge, Elcometer 311
Here is the Elcometer 311 being used in Turkey. The man is verifying the paintwork of a used auto-mobile before making a purchase.